In 1992 I moved to Blacksburg, VA with my husband (Wil) to start a graduate program at Virginia Tech in soil science. Within my first few days on campus I discovered a community pottery studio and signed up for a class. I was instantly hooked! I’ve always loved handmade pottery, and was particularly inspired by a potter friend and her amazing mug collection. Fast forward a few years and I had the opportunity to set up a small studio in an old barn along the banks of Sinking Creek. It was an idyllic setting for starting the business, but eventually I moved my operations for the convenience of a home studio. I continue to work part-time as a soil scientist – a helpful background for understanding the science of clays and glazes – and part-time as a studio potter. I make a variety of products, and particularly enjoy creating unique one of a kind pieces, with emphasis on surface design through carving, sgraffito, and different glazing techniques. Mugs continue to be my favorite creations!
~Zenah Orndorff